Mandated Reports

Mandated Reports

Mandated reports as required by the Maryland General Assembly.

Corporate Income Tax Reports: These mandated reports contain detailed information on Maryland's corporation income tax base in compliance with Tax-General Article 10-804.1 (e). Because some corporations file on a fiscal year basis rather than a calendar year basis, and prior year returns are often amended (due to net operating loss carrybacks, audits, credits, etc.), this report may not be directly comparable to reports issued in previous years.

Federal Impact Reports: The Federal Impact Reports (60-Day Reports) describe the direct and indirect impact of changes to the Internal Revenue Code on Maryland revenues.

Fees & User Charges Biennial Report - FY 2020: This report which is issued every other year, provides information on fees and user charges collected by state agencies for the year ended June 30. In addition, the report, includes a comparison of actual revenues to the total costs of providing the service or performing the function for which the fees or charges are imposed.

Local Reserve Account: As required by Chapter 425 of the 2013 General Assembly session, a report of recent changes to the Local Reserve Account established to comply with ยง 2-606 of the Tax - General Article, including a process by which revenue is distributed from the Account and the current and future liabilities for the Account, and the impacts of altering interest paid on tax deficiencies and refunds imposed under ?13-603 and ?13-604 of the Tax - General Article.

Kids First Act 2012: Report on the number of families claiming dependent exemptions by income, the value of the exemption by income and the effect on the number and percentage of uninsured kids in the state as required by Tax-General Article 10-211.1, added in the 2008 General Assembly session.

Multistate Manufacturers Reporting: As required under the Tax Reform Act of 2007, amended by Chapter 177 / 178 (Senate Bill 444 / House Bill 664) of the 2008 session of the General Assembly, a report of aggregate data and analyses of reports from manufacturing corporations which are required to use a single factor (of sales only) for the apportionment of income to Maryland.

Tax Amnesty - 2015: As required under Section 3 of Chapter 277 of the Acts of 2009 report on revenues raised by the tax amnesty program established by that act.

Tax Credits: Tax-General Article requires the Comptroller's Office to report certain information about Maryland income tax credits.

Tourism Sales and Use Tax Revenues: As required under the Tourism Promotion Act of 2008 of the 2008 legislative session of the General Assembly, a report to make a certain calculation regarding certain annual sales and use tax revenues collected on the retail sale of tourist-oriented goods and services, as determined by the Comptroller.

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